Q: How is TIBA funded?             

A: NishDish has graciously donated food and space, but we are applying for grants to fund our basic operations and become self-sustainable. Membership fees will be created in 2020 to support our work

Q: Can youth join TIBA?

A: Yes. We have a Youth Council as part of TIBA - bring Indigenous youth who may be interested!

Q: What happens in a typical TIBA meeting?

A: First, the Elder smudges the room and opens the Circle. Next, everyone is invited to introduce themselves and
they're businesses. Typically, we break to share food and network, then reconvene to discuss the main business of the month. The meeting ends with a call for volunteers for various projects and tasks. While not every task can be completed before the next meeting, members are expected to report on the progress made and expected completion of tasks. Finally, the next meeting date is scheduled and we take time for announcements. 

Q: Who is in charge and how do things run?

A: Members take on responsibilities based on the gifts they bring to the Circle and roles they assume.  Core members, which includes Directors, primarily make decisions by consensus. TIBA decision-making relies on respectful deliberation, consideration of diverse perspectives, and substantial agreement.  

Q: Who should media and potential partner organizations contact?

A: We welcome media coverage and partnerships. All media should identify themselves immediately at any meeting so we can set up a separate meeting with a member who can provide the information you require.